Basic concepts 2

Who made it? From the personal style, art historian can attribute who made these art works.

Who paid for it? Patrons always have a big influence when artists are commissioned. They can change subjects and style in an artwork, under these circumstances, personal style is not important. So it is necessary to know who paid for it?

Basic words for art historian:

Form and composition (not only two dimensions but also 3D)

Material and Technique

Line (like Durer’s The Four Horsemen,… Read all/全文

Laying plans 1

sovereign should have moral law.

Before the war, you should think about whether moral law is sit on your side, if not, you lose Heaven.

Before the war, you should create the situation for success, and make the plan for better circumstances.

兵者, 龍道也。

All warfare is based on deception, so we should deceive both of our friends and enemies.

If your opponent is bad temper, irritate him. Observe your enemy, if they are in ease, make him not rest, if they are united, separate him.

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Masochism and sadism

In Freud’s theory, masochism is from sadism, another theory said that sadism and masochism are two faces of one coin.

But the recent study shows that maybe masochism is more fundamental. The number of Masochists are much more than sadists’.

The submissive partners are really in control during SM, because it is the submissive’s desire shapes the sex play.

Masochistic desires are much stronger than sadistic. But many submissive people cannot find a partner… Read all/全文