Reclaim Leisure

Leisure and the good life
As Aristotle’s lead, joyful activities is a “source of inward joy”. We can call them high-quality leisure.

The Bennett principle
(FI 2.0 movement is that if you can radically reduce your living expenses, you gain two advantages– you save money at a much faster pace and you don’t have to save as much to become independent.)
When you gain FI at a young age, you gain much leisure hours.

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Don’t Click “Like”

Practice: leave your phone at home
Having your phone is not a crisis.

Practice: Take long walks
Walking is better than sedentary. “If you’re wearing headphones, you are not really walking.”
But the hardest part of this practice is making the time.
Broaden your definition of “good weather”! You can get big rewards.

Practice: Write letter to yourself
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A Lopsided Arms Race

Smartphones changed our life, but they changed us drastically and no one predicted that.

Big tobacco companies emerged, and they are harming us more.
Internet addiction is also a big problem.
intermittent positive reinforcement: the unknown is always enticing. the drive for social approval

Spend time alone

Solitude Deprivation
We need to be free from input from other thoughts.
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