Last night I had a dream, I saw Xie Peng in this dream, in the dream he said “不上心” several times to me; what’s more, he staring at me having math quizzes until completion.

In this scene, I think that Xie Peng, as a confident person, which represents an image of the negative impact and criticism of the outside world, It’s easy to think of my math teacher in primary school, Mrs. Huang. She criticized me that had a big impact on my childhood.

I think it is unnecessary to use a smartphone if we can find alternatives. Computers have all features that smartphones can do. But some rogue apps only can use in smartphones; what’s more, smartphones squeezed our pieces of free time at all, when walking, eating, on the bed even in the toilet. It makes us indulge in it and make us became FOMO.

Which one we would choose if there are a smartphone and a book in front of you? A smartphone integrated with numerous features that mean it can distract you with a lot of notifications and funny things with its intrinsic entertainment attribute, But a book limit content, make us focus and immerse.

Why not try to only carry a feature phone and a pock book? Make everything solved on a laptop.

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