Yesterday I was thinking about the problem of decentralization.

I left a group chat which speculating the stock market, people in there are so numb! They don’t care at all that the Chinese government suffered a severe blow in the trade war! They’re all blind worshippers to Buffett, say “long term interests” again and again.

Buffett is very experienced in stocks, but he knows nothing about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. Legal currency represents centralization, governments control it at all and the capitalist can play it in the palm of the hand. But, cryptocurrency represents decentralization, liberalism. It will defend our personal properties in the future, make the dream, that private property is sacred and inviolable truly come true.

I think it is a competitive relationship between the stock market and the coin market, the capitals flowed into the coin market will not flow into the stock market. The bankers in the stock market don’t have the motivation to go into the coin market.

What’s more, I think in personal beliefs, Existentialism is another form of decentralization, it makes the meaning of life returns to the individual. The meaning of life is up to us. But will and goals are very important, people with a weak individual will or in the environment obscuring personality, they always fell into nothingness and melancholy.

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