I think people truly want to flee and people truly proud of the country are not in one world.

I dreamt a dream two years ago,  in the dream, it’s 2067, 50 years later.

In 2067, buildings in China are very very shabby, everything is desolate. There are old people everywhere,  no children, no vitality, no hope.

The dream of the great rejuvenation all in vain.

I am afraid that this dream will become a reality in 2067.

I once obsessed with Chinese traditional culture, hope our culture will revive in the future, but reality fights me again and again, the regime and the environment are ruining it.

Some people are immersed in a fake daydream, the daydream of this country will “great”, but some people wake up.

Fortunately, I just had a night dream.

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  1. The great China has the enormous power because of Chinese culture.It is more than we usually think,it units us together. As the economy,it gives us a great market.As politics,it gives us stable.They make us courage no matter how hard the west is.We just need to follow our steps.

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