Health is more important than working

Yesterday when I was drawing in the home of my grandpa, I wandered to the bookroom and found a book called “The Manual of the Body”, which I read several years ago, I skimmed and realize if I want to had an efficient working learning, the premise is having a good health, in this book, the writer pointed that having a regular sleep is most important because human cannot live without sleeping.

But so many people cannot have a good sleep habit, so It’s wrong that I set the priority that studying and finish daily tasks is more important than sleeping.

So Sleeping timely is the most important things in my life, build a healthy body first then I can do other things.

After reading the book, I exercised Changshou Gong again and lying in the bed for rest, I can feel uncomfortable of my ear. The body likes the hardware of the computer, the mind likes the software or operating system of the computer. so making my body more healthier is the most important thing now.

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