Solitude for fruitful

Today is Monday, the first day in school, I don’t have any course.

I saw a lot of new students in school, I had some emotion that I’m fearful and lonely, I fear that time is passed away and I will graduate, I fear anyone will notice me in crowds.

I feel lonely because I have no friend on campus, my study life is unique and I have no people to share my life.

But I cannot always be fearful and do nothing. Maybe I need a book about fear, I need to be positive, If I don’t do it, I can’t get anything, but if I do it anyway, I will get something, even though the result is bad, is misery, but it’s also a result and a fruit I got.

After I read the book, I know the loneliness is somehow caused by people cannot accept himself. I want to find some people like me, ( download some chat app ) but when I fell into the circle of that I can’t stop it, chatting cannot solve the problem. what’s more, it’s so difficult to find people like myself.

In this afternoon, I was going to the teaching building, I saw so many students walking, full of youthful vitality. It’s so different than my hometown. I walked into the teaching building, standing and browsing the classroom status on the screen in the hall, it’s time for class all students are in a hurry except that me, this feeling is fantastic.

I spent a lot of time in the teaching building and learning a lot of time, I got into the habit of Pomodoro, I got used to this method. I think I can master it and make my time more productive!

Today is also the first day I fasting, I can feel a little hunger in the noon, I don’t feel hunger for a long time!

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