You can take responsibility for your own life than be a victim. So many people cannot understand the meaning of “responsibility”, it means, you don’t expect the people, the situation outside of the world change, you know you are choosing to creat your own misery, or your own joy.

If you are taking responsibility and create your power, the first step is, don’t blame anything, anyone, outside of the world. Second, and is more difficult is, don’t blame yourself.

The third step is you know when you don’t take responsibility, you will notice every emotion you have at the moment.

The fourth step is you will stop your Chatterbox. Your Chatterbox is making you a victim. The fifth step is to be aware of payoffs that keep you “stuck”.

The fifth step is you be aware of paychecks that keep you “stuck”.

The sixth step is you figure out what you want in life and acting on it.

The seventh step is you be aware of the multitude of choices you have in any given situation.

Six exercises makes you more powerful:

1. List all the payoffs.

2. Be aware of all the options you have during the course of a given day.

3. Start noticing what you say in conversations with friends. (complaints)

4. List the choices you can make to avoid negative emotions.

5. Begin to look as gifts when meet a bad situation.

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