We seem like don’t work for a living but work for dying.

We need to think about how to see our jobs, in this world, we have a caste system of job, we divide them from their salaries.

In America, though most people make 6,000$ a month still not happy.

Seems like we have no choice and just be in the corner.

The Limits to Growth: We are in the corner of growth, we think growth is the truth, we think more is better, but nature is finite, though technology will help us, the government will help us, but we don’t think about the problems of ourself.

The Creation of Consumers: In this sociology, we are not citizens, but producers want us to buy more, so they create a lot of desires but populace didn’t increase very much.

To buy is right: Because we are all intertwined with the productions, imagine that if we don’t wear clothes, the workers in the clothing industry will out of work. So if we don’t buy, we are “wrong”, but if we buy, we are still “wrong”. Because of that, we need to think about serials new questions about money and consume, we need transformation.

The Beginng of a new road map for money

Patterns of Belief: There are so many superstitions that we believe, from childhood (if mother leave the door ajar the snake will be banished) to adulthood (expose to germs will catch a cold), our brain is pattern making, but most of them can be changed.

What Do Our Actions Say?: We always try to buy something to solve our problem, like now, I bought Dongfang Shuye but avoid washing my bottle (it is stinky because I didn’t wash it for several days with a tea bag)

The Fulfillment Curve: Once you know

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