A big dream

Last night I had a dream which is the longest dream I have ever had in my life, it is also the clearest dream I can remember. So I wrote down and analyzed it.

Scene 1: My grandma and I chatting in the house of grandparents in a night.

Scene 2: It was in a restaurant. There were many people, mixing the different circles of people I know. They were chatting and having fun. I noticed Zhang Jin ( classmate in primary school ) have fun with her boyfriend, hugging each other. I wanna call Zhou Yuxi ( classmate in high school ), she also appeared in the crowd and answered with surprising.

Scene 3: Out of the restaurant, seems like I took a boat in a canal. Yang Hongru or Guo Yanpeng also took a sampan. A short while after that, I realized that the canal was becoming built in the air, with many tributaries!

Scene 4: Scientists start a plan to research, they sent a team to a weird place have different space and time. In that place, everything is like the real world, but the team member… Read all/全文