葛覃  GE TAN
刈yì 濩huò 絺xī 綌yì 斁yì 薄污wù我私
Why does she want to go back to her home? Maybe her life is very hard, though she was hardworking, she didn’t get any respects. In this chapter, I think this woman was from a high ranking family, not like the propaganda from the government. Even though she is elite, but she also gets distresses.

卷耳    JUAN ER
寘zhì彼周行háng 陟彼崔嵬wéi 我馬虺huī隤tuí 我姑酌彼兕sì觥gōng 陟彼砠jū矣 我馬瘏tú矣 我僕痡fū矣
From 金罍, 兕觥, 僕, We can recognize she was from a rich family, the luxurious thing can not solve the problems about emotion, it’s also hard to hold a relationship.

樛木  JIU MU
南有樛jiū木 葛gé藟lei3纍之 福履綏suí之
It’s a song of blessing, why Confucius choose this song? In ancient times, women belonged to a big family, everything is hierarchical, it’s a dream map depicting by Rujia, women will get happiness from this family.

螽斯    ZHONG SI
螽zhōng斯羽 振振zhēn兮 繩繩min3兮 揖jí(集)揖兮
We can feel the praise of fruitful descendants.

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