A big dream

Last night I had a dream which is the longest dream I have ever had in my life, it is also the clearest dream I can remember. So I wrote down and analyzed it.

Scene 1: My grandma and I chatting in the house of grandparents in a night.

Scene 2: It was in a restaurant. There were many people, mixing the different circles of people I know. They were chatting and having fun. I noticed Zhang Jin ( classmate in primary school ) have fun with her boyfriend, hugging each other. I wanna call Zhou Yuxi ( classmate in high school ), she also appeared in the crowd and answered with surprising.

Scene 3: Out of the restaurant, seems like I took a boat in a canal. Yang Hongru or Guo Yanpeng also took a sampan. A short while after that, I realized that the canal was becoming built in the air, with many tributaries!

Scene 4: Scientists start a plan to research, they sent a team to a weird place have different space and time. In that place, everything is like the real world, but the team member… Read all/全文


The most important decision you’ll ever make: Change your categories.

A lack of willingness to change your categories is dogmatic, and your categories become chains that restrict your growth. On the other hand, your categories may change so wildly that they become meaningless and without something to anchor you, you fall into an endless abyss.

Perhaps, the most important category you’ll construct is one of yourself.

Every category you impose one the world is one that you also impose on yourself and you decide if you do or don’t fit into that category.