Formal education cannot bring discovery and progress, only aggressive risk can.

In modern times, so many people avoid fragility through the expences of others.

The Antidote to The Black Swan

We are very thirsty for order, we should embrace the randomness so that we can become control order.

When facing small probabilities, we often fail, so only when understanding it, then we will not fearful.

Robust Is Not Robust Enough

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Neolithic Art

Anatolia and Mesopotamia

The agriculture developed, many towns developed, so the


Around 7000 BCE, they developed stone buildings to defend nomad, it’s a great achievement, and they used the skulls for rituals, also using plaster to restore the skull, and inlaid seashells as eyes.

Ain Ghazal

They remarked the beginning of monumental sculptures in Mesopotamia.


It developed the depiction of the human body, the shape of the torso, not only the profile.… Read all/全文

Why We Procrastinate

I think the reason I always want to text with others is that maybe I want a connection with others to replace my relatives, but I should fish or cut the bait between the connection with others (the emotion relationship build by my parents) or my self-development.

The story of Dorothy shows that procrastination is the choice between the self-improvement and others jealousy.

I need to unlearn the pattern that my tasks are associated with the mind that I am lazy.

Knowing how you spend

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Paleolithic Art


What shall be my subject? -animals, but men are rare. They’re almost profiled because the only profile can show the essence.

Western Europe

Paleolithic human-headed shows that the ivory figure is very important for the artist.

Nude woman shows fertility images. The intents of makers maybe the female form.

Ancient artists always painted statuette.

The sculptors usually change the subject to keep the profile view and details.

Art in the Old Stone Age

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